Architect, Aristotelion University of Thessaloniki (1975).
Founder and active member of various companies in construction and energy industries, also involving public concession projects. In 1979 he was appointed Vice-President of Elliniki Technodomiki A.E. and in 1999 following the capital stock collaboration agreement between AKTOR S.A. and Elliniki Technodomiki A.E. he became until November 2016 Managing Director of the Aktor S.A. Since May 2002, following the spin off of Elliniki Technodomiki A.E. and TEB S.A. construction sectors and their transfer to Aktor S.A., he has been appointed as Vice-President of the Board of Directors of ELLAKTOR S.A. (ex. Elliniki Technodomiki TEB S.A.), being simultaneously one of the major shareholders of the company.

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Vice Chairman (executive member)