Group Strategy

Group Strategy

It is the management’s goal to place the Group among the leading groups in construction and infrastructure management in South Eastern Europe and the Middle East. The strategy to achieve this goal is based on the following priorities:

  • Focus on key operations of the Group, i.e. Construction, Concessions, Environment and Wind Parks and gradually divest from non-strategic positions, thus freeing up funds for investments in key operations.
  • Continuously create value from supplementary and correlated activities, i.e. construction (small life cycle and immediate creation of cash flows) and operation of large infrastructure projects (revenues and earnings over the long-term). The ability to assume construction risk, our know-how and experience in the management of infrastructure projects, guarantee the creation of value.
  • Continue to diversify investment and operational risk, by pursuing organic growth in the countries of South Eastern Europe and the Middle East.
  • Take advantage of opportunities that are expected to emerge once the Greek economy rebounds (EU programmes, private investments) relating to the implementation of private, public and cofinanced infrastructure projects (highways, airports, ports) and waste management projects.

The Group’s assets to achieve its strategic goals are:

  • Long-term experience and know-how in the areas of activity
  • Skilled and specialised staff
  • Reliable services
  • Trust placed in the Group by clients, associates and shareholders
  • Innovative actions in market development
  • Sound capital structure
  • Creation of a financially robust organisation able to drive and support major development plans and steady growth