ELLAKTOR and sustainable development

ELLAKTOR and sustainable development

ELLAKTOR Group is a dominant international holding group based in Greece which operates in Greece and abroad, in fields that include construction, waste management, power generation from renewable and other sources, as well as other fields that meet the needs of modern societies.

Using its long, global experience, the Group understands, and bases the construction of its projects on, the principles that formulate and structure sustainable societies.

Its goal is to not only continue constructing sustainable-green projects, but to become the pillar that will support and disseminate the concepts of sustainability and green development across society.

This can be achieved by maintaining its focus on its three-fold agenda: environment, society and economy.

The social agenda involves the welfare of company employees, local communities and employment.

The environmental agenda involves respect for the natural and man-made environment of each project, the natural resources, and antiquities.

The economic agenda involves constructions-projects of upgraded value, with broader social and business benefits.